Hospitality Design, Made Accessible.

Beautiful design and branding of hospitality spaces complete from start to finish

Hello, We are 9th House.

We are an experience and hospitality design studio providing hospitality design and branding services to the hospitality industry. We are on a mission to democratize hospitality design and make it accessible and affordable for all hoteliers by innovating on the design process and deliver hospitality design faster, better and more affordably. 

Our studio works with hotels and motels, taking a highly conceptual, inspired and holistic approach to translating brands and ideas into places and experiences. Our team thrives on clever ideas and challenging the conventional – we are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, dedicated to exceeding your business and brand potential by designing spaces that deliver memorable experiences.

Our Promise

Every hospitality business should have access to quality and innovative design to maximize their revenues and deliver a great guest experience. Our promise is to deliver hospitality design that is innovative, high quality, accessible and affordable. We make that dream a reality.

We love to develop brands and make them come to life with beautiful designs. We humanize the brand so there is a strong connection with the brand and its target demographics. It’s not just about a beautiful logo mark or a font type, it’s about translating the values of the brand into its core identity and for the guests to experience it.

Design delivers an experience and we design hospitality spaces that provide guests a place to rest, relax and enjoy their stay for staycations, vacations and workcations. Our studio provides hoteliers with two affordable options. One is a turn-key collection of signature boutique design of hotels and secondly, we design bespoke and interiors and bring your vision to life. Both solutions deliver innovative designs that increase the nightly rates at the hotel leading to improved overall guest experience.